Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vocal Ranges

Below are descriptions of vocal ranges to help you identify your own. Remember, every voice is different. Find a key to sing in that is comfortable for you, and allow your range to expand a little at a time. Note: ‘Timbre’ is a term used by musicians to refer to the quality of the singer’s tone.

Common Voices Description Timbre Vocal Range
Soprano High female voice Bright, clear and free G below middle C to anywhere above high C
Mezzo Soprano Middle female voice Thick and rich E below middle C to at least high C
Alto or Contralto Low female voice Deep and chesty D below middle C
Tenor High male voice Light, colourful, and flexible B an octave below middle C, and up to high C or D (or above)
Baritone Middle male voice Thick, rich, and creamy G or F an octave below middle C, to F or G above middle C
Bass Low male voice Dark, heavy, and voluminous E (or lower) an octave below middle C, to E or F above middle C
Other Voices Description
Coloratura A singer, usually soprano, who sings ornamental passages in music
Countertenor The highest male voice, also called alto, which is often falsetto
Bass Baritone A male voice that sound more like a bass than a baritone, without the low bass notes
Basso Cantante A high bass voice suitable for solo singing
Basso Profundo A deep bass voice having a compass of about two octaves above C below the bass staff
Heldentenor A tenor with a powerful dramatic voice well suited to heroic roles

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